Live in harmony with yourself.

Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

Metaphysical practitioner

Spiritual teacher


I invite you to Breathe In (life),
to let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision,
to see from your Soul,
and to Love Out.


Vivez en harmonie avec vous-même.

Dr Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

Praticienne en métaphysique

Enseignante spirituelle





Breathe In, Love Out.

Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out.

Did you know that the color of your life lies within yourself and that it is easy to discover your Authentic Self and your personal life mission under all your ego-identities through your life experiences, which are meant to help you learn and master your personal life lessons to become the expert of your message?

It will be my great pleasure to help you with the method and tools that suit and inspire you.

Make your Self a priority

Go to the source of a problem.

Often when a person hears "go to the source of the problem" they can think of what physically caused the problem that could be elsewhere in the body, or find the situation that is causing a mental stress that caused the physical problem.

If I told you that going to the source of the problem was to lift up the ego-veils and go to your deep source, your Inner Self, to better collaborate and see what is not aligned between your Soul and your ego... and go to the Source of your Being.

Your Inner Self seeks to capture your attention by sounding alarms. Your ego challenges you with negativity and dis-ease when there are misalignments. This discomfort is a sign that there is a statement or belief that is not beneficial nor True.

Life is beautifully sprinkled with life lessons to remember and find our Authentic Self. It is through these negativities and dis-ease that we can let go of the control of our ego and give it back its role as an ally. It is often through these difficult or even intolerable situations that a person (finally) surrenders to him/her Self.
One cannot see the magnificent stars without the darkness, and often the denser the darkness, the brighter the stars will be to guide one's path.

One of the steps on a  mindfulness journey is to meet your Inner Self and to become fully aware of your Self and your ego to achieve the beautiful harmony that can exist between the two. Succeeding in finding the source of a belief, a statement or an association can allow you to let go and create from what is desired in the present moment. I can help you to take the time to take the time to let your inner Self shine.


It is to help people to live with gratitude and to help people redefine gratitude without their ego interfering with its integration or definition.

My mission is to offer everyone around the world access to learning how to develop an unconditional Gratitude Attitude effortlessly, regardless of their geographical location. 


One of my life projects is to make accessible and affordable therapeutic and mystical tools for mental and spiritual well-being. A balance of Mind, Body and Soul must also address the Soul component.

No one should have to choose between paying for help for their mental and spiritual well-being or paying for groceries or rent.


It is with simplicity that I share my knowledge and my professional expertise with you without fuss or trumpet.

It is with authenticity, respect and above all non-judgment that I listen and teach my knowledge, my tools and my messages.

My work belongs to me and is my responsibility, and the result belongs to you and is your responsibility.

31 days of mindfulness to change your story.

31 days of affirmations and questions to better understand your ego in action.

Do you really want to dig up and discover your personal life mission, to know what is the impact that "you" have to make in the community, the world during your life?

It's time because you followed your inspiration that brought you here.

? Like all seeds that already contain the essence of what they will become and know beyond any doubt what they will become, you also know, but your ego may be preventing you from believing it. Let's dig up together what is hidden in you and what is your unique message to you without triggering the control of your ego.

Once a month for 4 months, I will teach you a step to integrate effortlessly new gratitude habits helping you to be aware of your ego interfering and taking mind space keeping you from being mindful of your life and your uniqueness.

to keep you committed to your Inner work and well-being, you will be sending me every day for 4 months via email your gratitude list.
Every other week during, we will meet via Zoom to assess your present state of mind.

Every month, I will send you your monthly energetic influence report, which is your personal influent energy calculated on your birth date cycle, so you can be aware of some ego interferences opening you to being mindful of your mindset, and aware of obstacles influencing your mental well-being and Inner work.

Commitment is the key, and this mentoring program has been created to make sure you keep your commitment to your own well-being.

 I am here with you, for you. You don't have to do this alone.

Morning Affirmations

Morning Glory

The ego vs the inner Self.
31 days of mindfulness affirmations.
One affirmation and three questions per day.

An affirmation can be like the beautiful Morning Glory flower, which opens to its full potential as it energizes with each sun rise. Take the time to connect to your Inner and True Self.

Every day you will find an affirmation and a few questions to be fully aware of your personal and mindfulness journey  bringing you from your point A to your point B to better reprogram your false beliefs recorded in your personal database, your subconscious.



How to Develop a Gratitude Attitude


The book was engaging and informative. I learned a lot!


Live course

Your easy quick exercises helped me when I thought I had nothing to live for.

I tried to commit suicide, but when I was sinking, I thought about (…), and I thought about you told me that gratitude is the key. I took those 2 minutes to think about it and I swimmed back that river at 4am because I was not ready to leave. I got out, called the cops, went to the hospital, got help (…). I went back to life because I was grateful to have a mom, I was grateful I felt love at the last moment, grateful for my accomplishments, grateful to have you at that time and grateful to know it was not the time to go. (…)

Thank you for helping me to get up.


Asynchronous Course

This course made me realize that the practice of gratitude is not that difficult to follow, especially when you can start with tangible things. Thank you. I thank Dr. Nathalie Turgeon for this course.  ***** Valuable information. Clear explanations. Engaging delivery. Helpful practice activities. Accurate course description. Knowledgeable instructor.

Unearth your life mission

Brilliant workshop that taught me a lot so far!!! It really lives up to its name because I really feel like I unearthed my mission and it's a great gift you're giving us with this workshop. Looking forward to next week and seriously a bit sad because it will be the last.

Thank you Nathalie!


The course Unearth your life mission was very beneficial to me and it still is today. I have developed good tools to get to know myself better and to know which path to follow to embody my life mission. In addition, Nathalie is full of sweetness, she listens and gives very good advice.

Her personal experiences and professional qualifications shine through in her teaching. The course and its participants are extremely caring, which creates a real safe space to share, learn and evolve.

Thank you Nathalie!

- Maya H. 20 years old

Nathalie, during these 8 weeks

I found myself digging up my weeds and discovering pretty flowers that were there but hadn't noticed. With your teaching,

I welcomed and understood that behind every weed hides pretty flowers. Thank you for this beautiful process, well designed and presented. The activities, the questionnaires, the tips and tricks, in short, the whole training allowed me to progress towards my Mission.

Thank you for your generosity, your authenticity, your professionalism and so on.

I really found my Life Mission thanks to you. Now I just have to do it and I'm counting on it.

Sincerely !



You question, you encourage, you guide, you observe. You make the world more beautiful. Thank you.

This definitely represents you as a person. I will be eternally grateful that our paths have crossed ... Thanks to you, I am gradually evolving towards the best version of myself.



WOW !!! and RE-WOW!!!

I did not expect to receive such a beautiful and complete document. My first observation is that everything is so true. (...)
Thank you so much for this beautiful gift, you cannot know how much I appreciate it, especially at this time in my life.



Thanks again. Sometimes it's not clairvoyance that we need, but someone listening and advice. Yours are always positive and comforting. Thank you! xox


Thank you ++++++++ for this wonderful consultation. As I told you, your words put words to my feelings. Your talk clarified my questions. I'm going to work on my 8 life lessons... especially the 8th lesson :-)


You saw our whole situation very quickly and offered me very good advice and a lot of hope. Thank you for your help I really needed to talk about this and clarity.


Thanks Nathalie! You are such a great support. I don't even feel the urge to apologize when expressing how I feel ... this idea had a big impact on me to think positively.

You always help me understand myself.
Thanks Nathalie!




Thanks to Nathalie for this beautiful Reiki treatment and for this moment of zenitude.

- Jacynthe PH



Thank you Nathalie for your wonderful massage it made me feel really good. I even fell asleep. :) And I told you from the start that I love your energy and I love it even more because you are sensitive to others, you listen and you are True. Thanks again! I'm taking a subscription with you for sure. :)

- Sylvie M.