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Everything you learned today is for your tomorrows,
because what you are living today is the result from what you have learned in the past.


Are you looking for emotional equilibrium so you can feel better about yourself and your body, in what is called mind, body and spirit balance?

Have you found your life purpose through your emotional experiences and turmoil?

Do you know that we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies and that mind, body and spirit balance can only be achieved by addressing the three parts of your whole being?

Behind each of your life experiences are life lessons, and each of these, when found and integrated, allows you to be freed from the false identities that you embody, and this release adds feathers to your wings allowing you to to be more and more authentic, therefore to let go of everything that is not you, and to follow your own dreams by following your own inspirations and inspired actions.

And your life purpose... hides behind your Authentic Self.



Three options are offered to  you

Individual spiritual well-being consultation

11-week program

4-month personal mentoring


 Spiritual well-being consultations


Very often people confuse spirituality with religion.

We are spiritual being into physical being experiencing a human life.

Our equilibrium of mind, body and spirit cannot exist without taking care of our spiritual well-being.

Often people walk away from any spiritual practice thinking that they must walk away from their family religious practices and beliefs and they do so by walking away from spirituality all together... and they find themselves searching for their meaning or a meaning to their life. Some find comfort in other religious practice without seeing they simply adhere to another one better, thinking it is better, that one is better than the others. They still approach it negatively or maybe with shame.

Spirituality is simply the common denominator of them all. The rest is simply human directions.

I am teaching you and helping you to comfortably connect with your own spirituality and the practice making you feel good and better. I am offering you spiritual mind treatments such as the practice of gratitude to start with.

Gratitude is an unsaid spiritual practice and is an easy tool to learn to slowly connect with your Inner Self, your spiritual being that is you and the Higher Consciousness or Source or God or... (let's not limit with human words that powerful source).

I have many tools in my beautiful toolbox to share so you can start creating your own, and crafting it to design it and make it personal.

Your Soul keeps communicating with you. Is it time for you to maybe learn how to collaborate to start enjoying your Soul's company and collaboration so you can enjoy your life without conditions?

Your well-being matters.

Your mental well-being matters.

Your personal mindfulness journey matters.

because You matter!


We will establish together the steps towards a mindfulness journey that will adapt effortlessly to your daily life.



  1. Do you know that you are stuck in some old habits, beliefs and patterns?
  2. Do you want to break free from your automatic negative mindset?
  3. Do you want to understand your life lessons to accept your life experiences for what they are and bring you?
  4. Do you have enough and want to tap into your Inner power because you Are enough and you know it deep inside?
  5. Are you ready to have a better connection and collaboration with your Inner Self and Higher Consciousness?
  6. Are you ready to commit 100% to your well-being and happiness, no excuses?
  7. Are you ready to work on your well-being every day and create your own positive spiritual habits?

If you have answered yes to all of the questions, you are ready to start reprogramming your mindset by reprogramming your subconscious, and take power over your life. You are ready to do the Inner work to put your ego on the passenger' seat as your ally, and trust your Inner Self to guide you towards your dreams and goals.


Take action!

You will not do this alone, I will be with you every step of the way. 



One week at a time


Week 1 - Assessment of the now
Week 2- Newness, new beginning
Week 3 - Stabilization of the newness and what you already have
Week 4 - Self-expressing this newness
Week 5 - Allowing inspirations and inspired actions
Week 6 - Adaptability to unplanned changes
Week 7 - Being responsible for this newness in your life
Week 8 - Collaborate with your Self to improve your life
Week 9 - Reclaiming your Inner power back
Week 10 - Transformation in letting go of the old you
Week 11 - Overview and Q&A course-correction



Through private Zoom meeting every month for 4 months, I will teach you a step to integrate effortlessly new gratitude habits helping you to be aware of your ego interfering and taking mind space keeping you from being mindful of your life and your uniqueness.

To keep you accountable, responsible and committed to your Inner work and well-being, you will be sending me every day for 4 months via email your gratitude list or lists and questions that I will look to get back to you when we meet via Zoom if necessary. These will also help me to develop and personalize your tools and homework to reprogram your mindset through reprogramming your subconscious.

Every other week during the mentoring program, we will meet via Zoom to assess your present state of mind, and I will prepare for you personalized tools that you will start working on the following week, giving you time to be mindful of your Inner work coming towards your well-being. You will receive all you need via email.

Every month for 4 months, I will send you your monthly energetic influence report, which is your personal influent energy calculated on your birth date cycle, so you can be aware of some ego interferences opening you to being mindful of your mindset, and aware of obstacles influencing your mental well-being and Inner work.

Once a month for 4 months, you will receive a short situation- 1 topic 1 question, reading (of your choice) to open your awareness on where your ego is interfering in your now, and how to overcome it through your Inner work.

During our Zoom meetings, we will go through situations and questions you might have so I can help you overcome the obstacles helping you clarify without your ego interfering and see how to move on from your now.


We are all here to live our life experiences allowing us to learn our life lessons and to master them. These life lessons are personal to each one of us, even if they are often similar. They are personal with variables, because several people can experience the same situation and not have the same reaction, not feeling the same emotions, not having the same judgment, as much on the situation as on all the people who are involved in it including oneself.

All these emotions, thoughts and beliefs are data automatically added to our personal database, our subconscious.

It is possible to reprogram your subconscious, meaning to eliminate data that is no longer necessary or true today because it was associated in the past at the time of the impact of the experience, and add new positive data which agree with your present and future life.

A reprogramming of the subconscious is like spring cleaning the database of your life, and this cleaning allows the ego to no longer be in control but to take its place as the ally it must be and warn us of real survival dangers, and not of all the negativities that surround us or are within us.

I personally started this reprogramming at the age of 17, but at the time I was not doing it consciously with the tools that I later learned in counseling trainings. And to make sure that I mastered this teaching and the help that I offer, the Universe allowed me to experience everything that my clients could experience so that I could understand them perfectly well, no matter what they have been through.

The result of such reprogramming allows you to regain self-confidence; allows you to connect to your Inner power; allows you to see each lived experience as a lived life experience without being anything more, and allows you to see the lived experiences with positivity and gratitude.

It is possible to truly believe that there is no wrong or right, but only experiences with personal life lessons to understand in order to grow personally and spiritually, and it is possible to believe that everyone is a tool for each other, for life lessons one must learn and for personal desires one has, and that each one is responsible for its own energy and its own life therefore in charge of the creation of personal dreams.

And it is through the understanding of this process and the Inner work that it brings us to do, that it is possible to live a life filled with gratitude and to have an unconditional Gratitude Attitude.

You don't have to go through this journey alone, but yes, you do have to commit 100% with your desire for personal transformation by agreeing to do whatever Inner work your Soul will invite you to do.

I like to work with people who are 100% committed to their mindfulness and spiritual journey and who are ready to change their life to no longer drag heavy luggage as if their tomorrow depended on it.

Dr. Nathalie :)




While you can request a single consultation when you need it, the spiritual coaching programs are when you have decided to commit to your well-being, mind, body and spirit.

**The links below each one will redirect you to my online well-being center**


Any of these programs require your full and mindful commitment over the 11 weeks or a 4-month period it will take for you to collaborate with  your spiritual being experiencing your physical being, and comprehend that you already have the Infinite power within yourself. Together we will assess your ego-based mind beliefs and patterns to reprogram them on a subconscious level, so when your conscious mind gathers the data from your subconscious, you own them mindfully as you have created them from your now to create your tomorrow.

This is a lifetime process, and it is my pleasure to help you start it mindfully.

Together we will lift up the ego veil, so you can connect and collaborate with your Inner Self, your Infinite power that is already and always there. You will be equipped with tools to help you understand your ego-based mind and make it your ally and not the controller of your now. You will learn how to allow your ego to take the passenger seat. While we might spend 60 minutes together via Zoom, be ready to commit to some time on your own every day without exception.

Together we will help you be at ease with your spirituality stepping away from false beliefs and no longer necessary patterns to fully embrace the wholeness and uniqueness of who you are.

You will learn how to clarify your now so you can create your tomorrow; how to accept what is and was, and what were are your beautiful life lessons, not only during the sessions but also after the sessions. You will be equipped to do this on your own (gratitude steps, meditation, mindfulness affirmations, spiritual mind treatment affirmations, worksheet, workbook and more).

Your first assignment is to accept that you want to feel better, take the time to do so, and wish to find that equilibrium, your mind, body and spirit equilibrium.

Your second assignment is to watch this short video so you can see where we will start.



And your third assignment is to commit to your well-being by clicking on these programs links and see which one resonates with you on your mindfulness journey.  You will be redirected on my online well-being center



 Frequently asked questions


Can I get a refund for the sessions that are not done?

Hm! If you are already thinking about not committing yourself and asking for a refund, this program is not for you. You can simply request a single consultation following the link above. These programs are the ones you wish to commit yourself to as it will bring you to investigate your Self within yourself and do the personal and mindful work for you to connect within and work in full collaboration with your Inner Self, your Higher Self. These programs allow you to lift up the ego veil and see clearly in your now at all times, so you can better mindfully create your tomorrow. They are designed to help you face all situations with a gratitude attitude knowing that everything has its expansion reason for your personal and spiritual growth you wished to experience when you were born.


Do we schedule all the sessions at once or one by one?

We will schedule them one by one, but we will also look if there is a day that is better for you than others and we will place tentative appointments during those for the 11-week or 4-month. Each one will be confirmed one week at a time.


What if one week I am not available for the session, can we postpone it or reschedule it?

Of course! We all have expected and unexpected situations in our life, which I call the little joys of life. I suggest strongly to reschedule within the same week to keep the beautiful work you will be doing in motion. My personal schedule is not fixed therefore I will find the time for you. If we cannot reschedule within the same week timeframe, we will do it as soon as possible within the next week to avoid postponing the following ones so you will have two the following week. This has to be exceptional with exceptional reason and not recurring requests.


Can I stop the program because I am going away and get back to it when I come back?

Yes you can! You might have some homework to do while away to make sure you remain committed to your well-being commitment. Simply let me know in advance so I can prepare something for you according to where we are in the program.


What if at the end I am not satisfied with the result, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds on my services and online courses as no matter how little or a lot you learned, the information, the documents, and the time we will have spent together are therapist time and services already received and will have impacted your mindset. This is different than an unopened product. I invite you to step away from your ego-based mind telling you that you might already know everything, which you are, but you simply might not be connected to that infinite powerful source of information within yourself to see it with a different angle, and your ego-based mind is simply twisting this for its own survival purpose. I assure you, the quality of my work is mine, but the result is yours. This is the beautiful self-responsibility you will also learn in this program.


If I book the consultations one at a time without these programs, can I have the same service?

No, these programs are designed with a specific approach that progresses with the meetings and covers aspects that are not necessarily looked at during regular and sporadic consultations. There is also a commitment which is constant during the 11 weeks or the 4-month period in order to ensure a better success of the personal reprogramming carried out. However, you will have the same philosophy and similar tools as in this program in the well0being consultations; my goal is the same, to help you improve your well-being.



My work belongs to me but the results belong to you.