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My Metaphysical Teaching



Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out.
From Awareness to Awakening.



     Most of my teaching is done through my blog. I started blogging in April 2019 and when you start from the first article and read your way up, you have what I call light switches to shine some light on your life path until you find you own light switch within yourself. And if you have already found your own Inner light switch, those articles then serve as beautiful triggers to other levels of life lessons we are here to learn and master.

     While I started sharing my Inner wisdom and knowingness before I became a Metaphysical Minister, my personal Self-realization path is now allowing me to share deeper knowledge that you might not find on the blog yet. I am allowing myself to be filled from inspirations when I write an article, I am not thinking of a topic or searching any topic to share, I do the opposite, an inspiration, an idea comes to my mind, and I know it must become a blog, so I write it down no matter what time it is. Some become chapters of not yet written books or even podcast topic I might eventually start creating.

     I believe there was a great Master in all the major and different religious practices so everyone would have the chance to listen and hear the beautiful divine loving messages to free ourselves from our ego-based patterns and control in order to synchronize our spiritual being and our physical being and Love from the heart of this Divine or Cosmic Higher Power. Whether it was through Lao-Tzu,Buddha, Muhammad or Christ consciousness through Jesus, their teachings were to enlighten and awaken us to Pure Love.

     I believe all spiritual scriptures were inspired from Higher Consciousness to someone who wrote and shared them, and it is our task to understand them from a spiritual mind space and not an ego-based mind space. When we read spiritually inspired texts, we must step away from our intellectual mind space and read them with our heart to see through the analogies and metaphors. Each text might have a spiritual general meaning, but each text also has a personal meaning resonating to the reader for its personal physical journey.

     Thank you for taking the time to take the time to allow your spiritual being to be mindfully part of your physical life experience.

Dr. Nathalie


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