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Reiki is the ultimate relaxation for your physical body and your mind, from your spiritual and energetic being.

A Reiki session allows relaxation as a deep meditation can do.

A Reiki session is done dressed. Wear comfortable clothes.

Reiki helps to understand your body, your pains and blockages, your emotions and events in your life.

Reiki can help you find answers to your discomfort.

Reiki helps calm anxiety and insomnia. It is a great stress management tool.

Reiki is a wonderful tool for mindfulness.



While the massage is made of movements,

Reiki is made of several stable hand positions

allowing a calm and energy rebalancing.

* Shiatsu pressure points are sometimes added to the session. *






A Reiki session is done on clothes on a massage table.

Cost per session: 150 - 75-90 minutes


Distance Reiki and situation Reiki available on request.

Cost per session: 150


** Reiki available on massage chair. **

 Cost per session: 150 - 75-90 minutes




Reiki sur chaise
Reiki on chair massageReiki sur chaise Reiki on chair massage







Take care of yourself right at the source of yourself.

Feel good from inside out.



Together we can help you connect to your own energy healing you already have within yourself and create new positive affirmations. My mission is to empower you by lifting up your ego veil to collaborate with your Soul and create your dreams through a Gratitude Attitude.