Lift up the ego veils
with Oracle and Tarot cards

Can you understand and read, or translate your own energy into words?
Have you ever opened a book to randomly read something and it spoke to you like a personal message, or like a sign and something you were waiting for?

Oracle and Tarot cards do that too. They bring your awareness and mindfulness on a topic that you can focus on to overcome your present moment blockages and obstacles to enjoy tomorrow with a better energy.

It's not magic, although it is beautifully magic. They are simply words of wisdom. Each Oracle deck is like a Wiseman, a Sage, giving you advice helping you open your eyes about something. Tarot cards also give you an idea, a bird's eye view of the energies that influence your journey.

Your energy attracts energy-like which is why some cards come up when they do during a reading. They bring a message that will make sense to your Self and not always to your ego-based mind maybe blocking what you need to know and learn to prepare your tomorrow from your today. 

Just like with a weather forecast, you have the free will to follow the advice according to the energy surrounding you. A reading helps to understand the present moment and what is in motion offering a potential outcome. Your actions are up to you.

60 minutes meeting - $90

This 60 minute time is intended for an in-person reading.
This is also the time that I add to my agenda to do a reading delivered via email.


Thank you for using the contact form by following the link below to place and confirm your request. You will receive an email from me within the next 48 hours for the necessary details.

The readings that are delivered via email are scheduled as an appointment so you will know exactly the day that you will receive the answers to your questions. You will be able to get back to me via email to better clarify a particular point at no additional cost.

You will also receive a secure link to make payment before the reading is handed over, to facilitate tracking and accounting and confirm the engagement for both parties.

Your energy is a reflection of what you consciously or unconsciously emanate.
A reading is an excellent tool for anyone on a personal development journey.
and/or a mindfulness journey.


Thanks again. Sometimes it's not clairvoyance that we need, but someone listening and advice. Yours are always positive and comforting. Thank you! xox


Thank you ++++++++ for this wonderful consultation. As I told you, your words put words to my feelings. Your talk clarified my questions. I'm going to work on my 8 life lessons... especially the 8th lesson :-)


You saw our whole situation very quickly and offered me very good advice and a lot of hope. Thank you for your help I really needed to talk about this and clarity.


Thanks Nathalie! You are such a great support. I don't even feel the urge to apologize when expressing how I feel ... this idea had a big impact on me to think positively.

You always help me understand myself.
Thanks Nathalie!