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Nathalie TurgeonNathalie Turgeon


Intuitive Life Coach

To sum up in a few words... I follow my inspirations where my inspirations lead me without limitation.

My professional baggage as a Global Health Therapist combine with my personal knowledge and experience allow me today this amazing possibility to share in writing all the tools and information without geographic limitation.

From my first day entering the alternative medicine world... certain therapy methods and fields were a natural addition as I was following my inspirations, not knowing then that those experiences were all related to my now, and not knowing then that I am an eternal and passionate student of metaphysics.

Some services are still available.


2002 - Health practitioner

2003 - Health counselor and educator

2003 - Massage therapist Shiatsu

2005 - Heath technician

2005 - Swedish massage therapist

2006 - Certified Naturopath

2014 - 2015 - Level 1 to 4 - Reiki Master 

2015 - Swedish Cinetic Registered Massage therapist

2016 - Massage therapist (UK) Ayervedic, Bamboo,  Aromastone and  Deep tissue Massage

2017 - Chakra Energy Healing

2018 - Numerology

2019 - Certified Card Reader, Oracle and Tarot

 2020 - Doctorate program in Metaphysics in motion.


Parallel to these 20 years of experience as a Global Health Therapist, either my own office, spas or cruise ship, I acquired 31 years of experience in the business and office world, which allows me to understand with compassion people' situation.



Member of the International Association of Reiki ProfessionalsMember of the International Association of Reiki Professionals



Member of the Association québécoise des thérapeutes naturelsMember of the Association québécoise des thérapeutes naturels






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