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Intuitive Life Coach

Global Health Therapist


To sum up in a few words... I follow my inspirations where my inspirations lead me without limitation.

My professional baggage as a Global Health Therapist combine with my personal knowledge and experience allow me today this amazing possibility to share in writing all the tools and information without geographic limitation.


2002 - Health practitioner

2003 - Health counselor and educator

2003 - Massage therapist Shiatsu

2005 - Heath technician

2005 - Swedish massage therapist

2006 - Certified Naturopath

2014 - 2015 - Level 1 to 4 - Reiki Master 

2015 - Swedish Cinetic Registered Massage therapist

2016 - Massage therapist (UK) Ayervedic, Bamboo,  Aromastone and  Deep tissue Massage

2017 - Chakra Energy Healing

2018 - Numerology

2019 - Certified Card Reader, Oracle and Tarot


Parallel to these 20 years of experience as a Global Health Therapist, either my own office, spas or cruise ship, I acquired 31 years of experience in the business and office world, which allows me to understand with compassion people' situation.




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