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Writing Writing and Writing some more


My Essence is writing. It always has been as far as I can remember.


Writing to share information, writing to put in words and make it easy...


The majority of my publications are in English first, and then I translate them in French myself to keep the essence of the original message; even if French is my primary language, my inspirations come to me in English.


The goal of those publications is to share in a simplify way precious tools and information shared one on one with clients, so it can shine a little light on the reader's life path, like little light switches to help see a little more, at less costs and without geographic limitation.


The desire of being an author has always followed me, and at this phase of my life, I give it the sense it is meant to be.


Being a self-published author, here are my books all available on Amazon and connected distributors. 


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 * So... it's a Minivan. Body image issue? What if it was teaching you something?

* Breathe In, Love Out. Light switches to shine light on your life path.

* Which Energy influences your path? (also available in French)

* Fly Love, Fly. Ho'oponopono workbook (also available in French)

* 100 good reasons... why  I love you (A journal series you enter the reasons for your love one you then offer as a gift.)

* 100 good reasons... to say thank you (A journal series you enter the reasons for your love one.)


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 Writing is also blogging


In this technology era, libraries and bookstores are less and less visited by certain age groups... blogging is now making sense.

In this technology era of and quick information, I started blogging so I can put some important tools and information on awareness and towards equilibrium and well-being available where it can help and serve.

Each article is like a little light switch allowing some light to shine on a part of the life path. Each article invites to a more personal awareness in order to find your own light switch shining light on your life path.


As I love History and travelling, I started a travelling blog inviting you to travel through History with me. You will not find the best hotels and beaches in those article, but the history of the places I visited.


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NATHALIE - LIGHTWORKER (Inspirational blog creating awareness.)

MY PASSPORT IS ALWAYS READY  (Travel blog in constant evolution.)








 My inspired quotes


On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can find some inspirational quotes, either from my writing or served to write articles.  Those quotes are all positive and inspiring and invite to an openness to awareness on a precise subject, all on photos I personally took.


The idea came to me when I started publishing my books. I love quotes that are positive and with context, which allow then your own intuition and inspiration to give it the meaning you need for your own awareness when you read them.

The interpretation is a very personal matter as it nourishes your present moment.





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