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I always had a passion for stones.  They fascinate me, I can feel their energy; I feel their influences on my emotions and my own energy.  I believe in their distinct properties from having experienced many situations not knowing some properties of the stones I was wearing or working with… until I read about it…. and it made a lot of sense.

When I visit ruins and historical places, I have to touch the walls, the stairs… the stones.  I am amazed hearing or reading  how old they are.

If they could talk…


I started to create pendants and bracelets for myself from gemstones I picked up or were given to me from loved ones, and one thing lead to another… so here it is…


...otherwise I would have to many at home… doing nothing. Energy must circulate. Enjoy my online boutique with all my creations. Come back often as I create new ones almost every day and each one is unique.







Creation Lotus


Not related but related :)  I also do stones readings from a course I took a few years ago North of Montreal, Quebec, taught by a wonderful woman who was inspired to create that unique course. It was fun to give a different meaning to those gemstones.