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My books

My Essence is writing. It always was as far as I can remember, and even if French is my first language, I remember writing songs that I liked in English by sound and searching in my dictionary for the way to spell it, which was much before I started speaking English many years later.

I remember writing poems at a young age, and then writing stories. I love reading books in their original versions... which is mostly in English. I find that often some translations do not capture the essence of the original version... which is why I translate my own books in French.

The desire of being an author has been following me since… well… it seems since forever.  

Here are my self-published books as now we do not need to wait for a publishing house and the desire to write became too loud not to listen to it a few years ago. They are all available on Amazon. 


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 * So... it's a Minivan. Body image issue? What if it was teaching you something?

* Breathe In, Love Out. Light switches to shine light on your life path.

* Which Energy influences your path?

* Fly Love, Fly. Ho'oponopono workbook

* 100 good reasons... why  I love you (A journal series you enter the reasons for your love one.)

* 100 good reasons... to say thank you (A journal series you enter the reasons for your love one.)


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 My blogs

Writing is also blogging. I have a few blogs. Two of them were temporary ones not too sure how to be a blogger then, one is a travel blog with historical facts and one is an inspirational one, to create awareness.

This special one here, if you follow this link… nathalielightworker ... is my daily inspirational blog for which I receive daily inspirations.  I started this one to inspire people to follow their dreams and reach their authentic self… shining one light at a time on their life path.

Enjoy and share.


NATHALIE - LIGHTWORKER (daily inspirational blog creating awareness)

MY PASSPORT IS ALWAYS READY  (travel blog in constant evolution)








 My inspired quotes


Everyday from inspirations, I now create positive and inspirational quotes… from photos I took. I always loved quotes, they are like mini poems or like reminders. Writing my own came to me when I started writing and publishing books. I love positive quotes, so I write positive quotes that leave space for you to follow your own intuition in order to give it the personal meaning it is meant to be for. I post them on my Instagram account, and they serve me a few weeks later to write the article for my daily inspirational blog. All I do is interrelated.




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