23 July 2023 - You want to be spiritual, but “religion” has left you with some negative perceptions?
Don’t let your ego keep you from your spiritual well-being and practices in rejecting everything.
Spirituality and Religion are two separate things even if they can come together.The word spirituality is closer to metaphysics than it is to the word religion because it speaks of what is unseen and unknown.Here is something to help you overcome the ego barriers about this so you can let your Inner Self shine out, so you can co-create your desires. And so you can be at peace with your spirituality.

30 June 2023 - What if you knew that your mind cannot attack your body, but it pretends it can to the point that you believe that’s how it works? Would you see it differently?
Our thoughts will make us be in harmony or not, and when we are not at ease, there is a dis-ease. That dis-ease brings emotions and those emotions that you feel send signals to your body where it can affect and be understood, so you can correct your wrongful thoughts, the ones not allowing harmony.
We don’t listen to the body, which is the device to tell us what’s wrong, not with the body but in the mind, with the thoughts.

30 May 2023 - How do you remember to stop your ego-based thoughts?
It is easier than you might think to stop your ego using your mental space. Sometimes, all we need to do is to tell it to shut up. It works, try it!
Of course, we cannot simply tell it to quiet down without a why we tell it to step away. It needs a quick reason.
Our mental space can only serve our ego or our Highest Self, one at a time, so if you are not going within to center yourself, simply start doing something else. It does not matter what you do as long as it is not related to the thoughts you chose not to feed because the ego can be very quick to bring them back.

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