Reiki session

75 minute appointment - 45-50 minute Reiki treatment - $90

Before the Reiki treatment, we will look at your needs, and after the Reiki treatment, we will review the session.

  • Reiki is an ultimate relaxation for your physical body and mind, from your spiritual and energetic being.
  • A Reiki session allows relaxation as a deep meditation can do.
  • A Reiki session is done fully clothed. Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Reiki helps to understand your body, your pains and blockages, your emotions and events in your life.
  • Reiki can help you find answers to your discomfort.
  • Reiki helps calm anxiety and insomnia. It is an excellent stress management tool.
  • Reiki is a wonderful tool for a better awareness.
  • Reiki allows us to listen to ourselves and our Inner Self.
  • Reiki releases the overflow of the ego in the mental space.

While the massage is made of movements, Reiki is made of several stable positions of the hands allowing a calm and rebalancing energy. Shiatsu pressure points are sometimes added during the treatment.

Distance Reiki appointment also available. Request information by completing the contact form.

Relaxation massage (non-sport)

60 minute appointment - 50-55 minute massage - $90*



A relaxation massage helps to:

  • relax and enjoy a moment of zenitude;
  • manage your stress;
  • free yourself from your ego taking too much mental space;
  • relieve muscle tensions;
  • feel more in harmony;
  • take the time to take time for your mental well-being.

Because a massage allows a moment of connection with your Inner Self.

* A massage appointment does not include a consultation after the massage. If you want a consultation at the same time as your appointment, ask for it when making your appointment. Thank you!

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Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. - weekdays and weekends

Brossard and La Prairie area

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Day and weekend time slots depending on availability.

Feel free to ask for the time that suits you. Rarely two people ask for the same day and the same time.


Home appointment also available depending on schedule, area and access to home location (parking and floors). A $25 fee is added to these home appointments. Make sure you have the necessary space for the massage table in your living room or any other day room.

Indicate in the form if it is a home appointment. At the time of the appointment confirmation call, we will validate the details.

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The greatest gift to yourself is a little time with your Self.

From my desire to work abroad and also on cruise ships, I had to be professionally trained for several types of massage over time. My training began in Quebec to continue in England.

The methods and techniques are different from one continent to another. Professionally trained and accredited for these types of services and massages:

  • Shiatsu
  • Kinetic Swedish
  • Swedish
  • Hot stones
  • Deep Tissue
  • Bamboo massage
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Body wrap
  • Facial

Being a Reiki Master, I also created an amalgam with Reiki and the Shiatsu pressure points to optimize the release of tensions.