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Nathalie 2020Nathalie 2020

Intuitive Life Coach 



Life is like a dream… that you either dream from your ego or dream from your loving heart. When you are aware of dreaming from your ego… it is call awakening. And once awake you can voluntarily and consciously dream from your heart the next step of your life.





Whether it lasts the time of a coffee or over many conversations, to accompany you can allow you to either solidify your inner connection or to open yourself to the concept of your Inner being.

Mindfulness and awareness of your present moment can improve your future.

Using the cards support makes it all fun and can open to wonderful conversations. Cards are like wise men and mentors bringing their precise messages on your present moment energy  in order to unblock and be aware of what to work on to move on... to which I add my intuitive messages to personalized them to help you stop "feeding" the negative emotions ego-based.


Work or school related  - Relationships (love, couple, friend, family) - Personal development - Spiritual development.


  • Would you like to clarify a situation and "feed" the positive maybe hard to see instead of the negative?
  • Would you like some guidance as what to focus on now for your personal growth?
  • Would you like to know which subject you could work on towards  your harmony?
  • Would you like to untangled the energies surrounding you?


You can request an email  session.

*This is not fortune telling but guidance and awareness and (or) spiritual guidance.*



Sessions are done upon payment reception for first time requests.

 A  * * payment link will be sent. You do not need an account.


Email consultation - 33CAD - 25USD
Few exchanges regarding one precise question.

(This is the most popular service, as it helps unblock the worries' energy.)


Coaching  email (and chat) - 58CAD - 44USD
Few exchanges on one topic or situation.


 Phone 30 minutes max - 65CAD- 50USD

 In Person 60 minutes - 120CAD


Distant Reiki also available.


Certified Card ReaderCertified Card Reader

 Certified Card Reader by Hay House 




 Using tools to opening your personal awareness can make it fun... 




Personal blueprint - This is like the personal canvas on which you create your life. It contains all that is innate to you and is calculated with your birth date and your birth name. Your essence, your life lessons, your strength and challenges on your life path. Knowing your personal blueprint allow a better understanding of your desires and allow a beautiful awareness opening to the life you dream.

Personal blueprint numerology - 65CAD - 50USD


Life lessons - This is knowing what are your personal life Lessons. The ones you experience through your life challenges and experiences calculated from your birth date. They are the ones you have to master along your life path.  Knowing those life lessons can allow you to face your challenges with a better perspective and an openness allowing you to learn and master them which can ease your emotions.

Personal major life lessons numerology  - 58CAD - 44USD


 Request a personal reading