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For the past 5 years, I have been focusing more on my Intuitive and psychic skills helping my clients become aware of their blockages and how to heal those blockages, sometimes  using cards support, and giving them personal practical tools to help their situation for a better potential result as the result depends on their openness and personal awareness.


But here is my Intuitive Life Coach and Global Health Therapist Journey..



My therapeutic philosophy

 Here are three quotes that sums up my philosophy:

“The color of your life lies within yourself.”

"The quality of my work is mine; the result is yours."

"The symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed, but the sacred messengers that encourage us to take better care of ourselves."


My education

I have over 2000 hours of professional alternative therapeutic training under my belt, mostly from Quebec and some done in UK. I am continually learning. My goal in continuing to learn is to be able to help people where the help is needed, to offer them more tools to assist their global health, helping them in managing better, coping better, if not eliminating their pain, both physical and emotional. Never limiting my knowledge or opportunities to help. Also, to have in myself a better balance and harmony.

Being also now a Certified card reader, accredited by Hay House, among other certifications from Hay House such as mediumship and numerology, really allow me to professionally use those tools to shine light on my client’s path; to help them look and clarify present situations to create the future… but mostly, to be compassionate without judgment.


As a Global health therapist, I master various work disciplines such as naturopathy, massage therapy and Reiki. My expanded psychic journey started to take more place when I became a Reiki Master.


One of my passions is to immerge myself in Nature and breathe in the present moment, hear the birds, the streams, the waves, the falling leaves or falling snow, my feet touching the ground, that silence that is not, because it is filled with this zenitude that only Nature can bring, and capture the beauty of what I see, like a child discovering a bird for the first time, seeing the beauty of the natural selection of those trees placed along the trail, the distant mountains behind the lake. These are the things that recharge my batteries and balance my personal energy.

Entering my fifties, my diverse personal experience and knowledge allows me to understand with compassion people and their incredible opportunities to change any difficult situation into positive situation or to help progress, and always to learn.


My published work available on Amazon

So… it’s a Minivan. Body image issue? What if it was teaching you something.
Breathe In, Love Out, Light switches to shine light on your life path (Creating awareness) Which Energy influences your path? (A numerology book)
Fly Love, fly, Ho’oponopono workbook
100 good reasons to… (series of Journal to help see the positive every day)


My most active social media links related to my work


Blog  Personal awareness blog, intuitive and inspired writing.


To sum it up

My Working Experience

31 years in office related work (communication coordinator and administrative positions).

20 years as a Global Health Therapist, some part time and some full time as self-employed, either personal office, spas or cruise ship.

5 years as Intuitive Life Coach, some part time and some full time as self-employed.


Nathalie :)