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Find and Be your Authentic Self.


  • You can be the powerful you that you are through developing an unconditional Gratitude Attitude.
  • You can reprogram your mindset by adding new personal and positive data to your database, your subconscious.
  • You can reprogram your old ego-based beliefs and patterns keeping you from tapping into your Inner power.
  • One step at a time, you can do this effortlessly.
  • I am teaching you how with the unique method to integrate gratitude overcoming all negative and old patterns interfering with your happiness.
  • Learn to shift your mindset through developing a Gratitude Attitude.
  • Start reprogramming your subconscious mindfully and effortlessly.




This teaching method helps you to...


  • Learn how to integrate gratitude without effort.
  • Learn how to overcome the obstacles of finding gratitude.
  • Learn to have a positive mindset without effort.
  • Learn how to be grateful even without a positive mindset or perfect environment.
  • Learn how to start seeing positivity without triggering your ego-based mind.
  • Learn how to easily choose a positive thought over a negative one.
  • Reprogram your conscious mind to see positivity and not only negativity.
  • Overcome the limits of some gratitude practice.

All you need is a desire to make your life better and your well-being a priority.


Few minutes a week to see how to integrate the step of the week and how it benefits your well-being, and hop, you tend to it for a few minutes every day for a full week. This teaching method helps you create a good and positive habit stepping away form your ego-based mind making it your ally.














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Four specific steps to turn a gratitude response into a Gratitude Attitude.



Everybody can be grateful when life is easy. Everybody can find things to be grateful for when sitting down to list possible positive things.
This practice on the other hand, might not be as easy when the surroundings is a negative one or when the mindset is a negative one. What one can be grateful for is still there but unseen to the ego-based mind.
This book teaches you how to integrate gratitude without having a positive mindset, which can help uplift the energy to a positive or a more positive one. This book also teaches you how to turn a gratitude response into a Gratitude Attitude to slowly make it a habit of well-being that will stay effortlessly, a habit that will become a lifestyle.














Gratitude at its best!

Assess the areas of your life with Gratitude

to see if you really need changes other than your personal perception of it.


Improve your Life through Gratitude,

Use the Wheel of Life to see the areas where Gratitude is calling you.







How was this teaching inspired and created?

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TEACHER? (School environment or homeschooling)

Are you a teacher looking for material to help your students integrate Gratitude into their practice?



Gratitude beyond Thanks


Material for teachers


You have taken the online course or have read the book How to Develop a Gratitude Attitude?

You would like to teach your students how to integrate and how to develop a Gratitude Attitude following the same steps?

I have created a lesson plan and two workbooks, one for you and one for your students. They both contain the weekly explanation and the number of pages each week for them to put this into practice.

The workbooks are printable PDF.

Enjoy sharing and teaching How to Develop a Gratitude Attitude without effort.

Make it fun!

It's time to bring Gratitude beyond Thanks!


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