Develop a positive mindset through
Developing a Gratitude Attitude... effortlessly.

  • Are you on a mindfulness journey?

  • Would you like to be more positive?

  • Do you tend to blame others and the world for your negative experiences?

  • Did you know you can develop a positive mindset by developing a Gratitude Attitude.

Integrate this effortless unique method for you that I have created from mastering my own Gratitude Attitude over three decades. Find and Be your Authentic Self. Reprogram your ego-based beliefs and patterns through developing a Gratitude Attitude.

One month to learn how to turn your gratitude response into a Gratitude Attitude. Four effortless steps, one per week, to learn how to choose positivity over negativity, and see that through clouds there is a beautiful blue sky... if you choose to see it.

You can effortlessly learn how to develop a gratitude attitude and I show you how to do so. This method allows you to find gratitude even when the days are gray and filled with tears, and allows your energy level to slowly increase positively.


You want to add few hours to the workshop or retreat you are organizing and help your attendees with beautiful changes to their mindset without effort?

You can ask me as a speaker/teacher to teach them to turn a gratitude response into a Gratitude Attitude, giving them the method and tools to develop and keep a positive mindset through Gratitude.

Help them see the positivity effortlessly, be aware of their emotions and thoughts,

see they have a choice, and know they can be grateful no matter what.


3 options are offered
1 day - the 4 workshops
2 days - 2 workshops per day
4 days - 1 workshop per day

(School or home environment)

Let's bring Gratitude beyond Thanks together.

You have taken the online course or have read the book How to Develop a Gratitude Attitude and would like to teach your students how to integrate and how to develop a Gratitude Attitude following the same steps few minutes per week for you and few minutes per day for them?

I have created material so you can use the same teaching method and teach Gratitude to your students.

The workbooks are printable PDF.

Make it fun! Bring Gratitude beyond Thanks!



Find and Be your Authentic Self.

You can be the powerful you that you are through developing an unconditional Gratitude Attitude.
You can reprogram your mindset by adding new personal and positive data to your database, your subconscious.
You can reprogram your old ego-based beliefs and patterns keeping you from tapping into your Inner power.
One step at a time, you can do this effortlessly.
I am teaching you how with the unique method to integrate gratitude overcoming all negative and old patterns interfering with your happiness.
Learn to shift your mindset through developing a Gratitude Attitude.
Start reprogramming your subconscious mindfully and effortlessly.

This teaching method helps you to...


- Learn how to integrate gratitude without effort.
- Learn how to overcome the obstacles of finding gratitude.
- Learn to have a positive mindset without effort.
- Learn how to be grateful even without a positive mindset or perfect environment.
- Learn how to start seeing positivity without triggering your ego-based mind.
- Learn how to easily choose a positive thought over a negative one.
- Reprogram your conscious mind to see positivity and not only negativity.
- Overcome the limits of some gratitude practice.

All you need is a desire to make your life better and your well-being a priority.


Few minutes a week to see how to integrate the step of the week and how it benefits your well-being, and hop, you tend to it for a few minutes every day for a full week. This teaching method helps you create a good and positive habit stepping away form your ego-based mind making it your ally.

My personal mantra:

 Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out,
with a Gratitude Attitude.


Learn how to develop a Gratitude Attitude and a positive mindset effortlessly with this unique teaching method that I was inspired to create from decades of experience.


Integrate Gratitude into your daily practice in a way that does not require you to start with a perfect day.


Reprogram your subconscious in adding positive data and mindfully choosing the thoughts you feed.


Breathe In, Love Out!

The inspired photo

It was while I was enjoying a walk while making a mental gratitude list that I saw this leaf in the middle of my path. I felt that I had to take a picture of it and take the time to look more carefully. It represented exactly what I was thinking...Love, Gratitude even if it's not always in a nice environment, in a non-ego-perfect reality. It is up to us to see, to adjust our perception. It is up to us to love and be filled with gratitude no matter how harsh our surroundings.

I fell in love with my photo, with the contrast or color, with the raw, unpolished asphalt, like life is, with the little holes in the leaf allowing a glimpse of the reality behind and around, the reality that we see and on which we twirled to settle there bringring a moment of sweetness to those who will cross our path. And to also see that in front of us, there can be a beautiful blue sky. It is up to us to see the yellow heart or the raw asphalt. It's up to us to see the gratitude.

This photo is one of my favorites because it perfectly represents life and the look we can have on life and our reality. It demonstrates Love and the sun in an environment that is not natural, but not aesthetically ego-perfect either.

I knew I had just been guided to photography for my book How to Develop a Gratitude Attitude.