Breathe In Love Out

Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love out 
with and unconditional Gratitude Attitude. 

Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.
Metaphysical Practitioner
Life coaching & Spiritual coaching


Help you better understand yourself to free yourself from your ego-perceptions and ego-limitations in order to believe in yourself, to regain control of your mental space and inner power so you can better follow your dreams with your full potential.


Undoing and changing your ego-values and beliefs of what is and was.


Sorting and deciding which beliefs and changes are no longer and will no longer be helpful.


Voluntarily letting go of what will not serve your tomorrow by regaining your power.


Solidifying changes and newness in calm and peace of mind.


Confusion coming from a clarity of understanding that the new choices are still from the perspective of an ego-identity.


Regaining one's inner power and True peace of mind coming from a state of Being knowing that the Truth is greater than the ego.

Welcome to you and your full potential!

The online programs and courses, which I am pleased to share here with you, can contribute to your well-being and help you on your mindfulness or spiritual journey. Each helps you better understand that the ego controls the mental space more often than you perhaps think, and helps you regain control so that you can live in harmony with your Higher Self... to enable you to realize your deepest dreams by trusting your full potential, therefore, by reconnecting with your inner power which is greater than your ego.

We all have an ego-identity that loves its ego-reality and keeps us in an ego-comfort zone. It is this ego-reality that is often problematic since it pleases our ego but keeps us from being happy or fully happy. Too often we accept the idea that it is better than nothing, or that what we want may not be us after all. We also all have our divine essence which can transform each ego-identity and therefore our ego-reality. We can all create our lives according to our deepest dreams just as we can let life create itself by default from our limiting thoughts. The choice is always ours. That is our free-will.

Your intuition, your inspiration or someone has guided you here... perhaps it is the time to listen to yourself, to listen to your inner Self which invites you and encourages you to a full expansion of yourSelf and not only from your ego-identity.

You are free to choose the concept you will accept of yourself.(...) 
Your higher concept is waiting for you to incarnate it.
-Neville Goddard

  • Can you recognize when your ego is in control of your mental space?
  • Are you feeding negative thoughts or in other words, adding fuel to the fire of your worries?
  • Have you met your Inner Self, the part of you that is pure positivity and knows how to take everything with a smile?
  • Do you know how to collaborate with your inner Self?

I encourage you see the many programs available and to follow your inspiration which will guide you towards what you presently need... to live in harmony or even more in harmony with yourself. Do not follow the GPS of your ego, but the GPS of your inner Self.

Have a beautiful mindfulness journey.

Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

Make your Self a priority!

Did you know that on a mindfulness or spiritual awakening journey...


First comes the challenge of being who we are and should be, looking at ourselves in the eyes of others.

Next comes the challenge of being ourself by looking into our own gaze through the eyes of our ego.

Then comes the challenge of being our Self, living the harmony between ourself and our inner Self without ego-expectations or ego-definitions.

Then comes the peace of being our Self, simply Being, knowing that everything is illusion and that it is up to us to embody the identity to help the greater good.

Give yourself time. Allow your Self to be.

Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out!

Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.

Build and Live your Dream

12 meetings over 12 weeks


Do you have a vision or partial visions of your dream but you don't know how to get there, how to live this dream?

If I told you that there is a proven method applied by thousands of people, including me, that allows you not only to live your dreams, but to love the path to get there and to love the person you become along the way... you would definitely like to know how to apply this method too.

Stay in touch, because I will soon be offering you a program to help you cross the threshold towards your Future Self, that Self that is in your future now and is constantly calling you to evolve and follow this energy. The energy of your dream is one to have a match with. And your ego will try to keep you in your comfort zones, which is completely normal.

All my life I have followed my dreams as best I could, but now I do it by creating the design that I prefer, that I choose, that I am passionate about... and not the path that will take me there by default because that this dream is mine after all. Nuance!

3 months of transformation allowing you to live your dreams
and never again be afraid to dream big...
and follow the dreams of your heart.

Full information to come. 


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