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 My work and pleasure is to help you on your well-being and mindfulness journey; to help you find your own Inner guidance and approach life with a more positive attitude, an Attitude of Gratitude.

 In the era of virtual reality, I like to simplify my metaphysical and spiritual knowledge as well as my work tools and make them available through workbooks, books, online training, workshops and presentations that you can find on my teaching platform: or The content is in English and French. It is a little bit like having me with you no matter where you are, with no scheduling conflicts. It is also the possibility of having help for all budgets. All you have to do is enroll for free and access as you see fit. You only pay for the chosen training that are not free. Some contents include a PDF version of the workbook / book at no extra charge to add to the costs listed.

And the * free presentations * or * free audio * are short ones on a topic that could shed light on your well-being and mindfulness journey; a little metaphysical and spiritual approach that your ego may be keeping you from understanding or accepting.

 You also have a FREE  Self-Help Well-being tools library in which you get one well-being tool per week after enrollment. You can download it to build your own library or add to your well-being toolbox.


Make your well-being a priority!


Online Well-being Center


 Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D. :)














You can also access my blog following the direct link  or follow this link on this external website 

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