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Ready to acquire a better balance and collaborate with your Inner Self?

Personal development
Stress management
Emotional balance
Spiritual journey





Consultation - Mindfulness and spiritual journey.


We can look and clarify together using tools like Gratitude, Wheel of Life through Gratitude, Reiki, Oracles and Numerology, Meditation and affirmations, what are: 

  • your deepest aspirations;
  • your personal principles and values ​​that could stand in the way of achieving your dreams;
  • a mindful approach of your personal identity;
  • your spirituality and your practices;
  • your acceptance of yourself and others,
  • as well as your energy balance.

We will establish the steps towards a mindfulness journey that will adapt effortlessly to your daily life.


60 minutes - 120

30 minutes - 50


Presently via Zoom

Spiritual well-being consultation




Reiki session also available online and at distance

Via Zoom for the chat part and Distance Reiki for the Reiki part.

60-90 minutes - 120

30-40 minutes - 50


Please use the contact form.




 Clarifying your present moment energy and what is in motion
using Oracle card and numerology.

One topic (few email exchanges) - 40


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