Harmony with yourself
goes through the Zenitude in your mental space.

Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision,
see from your Soul, and Love Out!

  • Would you like to be able to stop just seeing the negative in a situation?
  • Would you like to stop being a victim of your emotions and your past?
  • Do you honestly know how not to blame others and circumstances?
  • Do you know how to be responsible for your life without feeling guilty?
  • Do you need help to live in harmony with yourself?​​​​

The ego is not just our personality, it's our ego thought system, our ego-identity, the one we build with our choices, our thoughts and our beliefs that become habits. The ego belongs to the physical being that we are. The ego uses the data that is already in our personal database, our subconscious to act and react and be logical from the head.

The inner Self is the essence of who we are, that is perfect and non-judgmental, filled with Love and joy. The inner Self belongs to our Spiritual or metaphysical or eternal Self and is the GPS that we must follow and trust because it allows us to realize our dreams and live our life missions and live in harmony with ourselves, our ego-identity.

The inner Self sees what is unknown to the ego when comes the time to move forward in the mist of thoughts coming from the ego, so the inner Self sees beyond our ego-reality (illusion) and this unknown is scary during changes because the ego does everything it can to keep us in ego-comfort, because when we trust our inner Self, the ego no longer controls our life. When we follow the ego-GPS, we find ourselves in temporary situations, we may realize dreams, but they are temporary and conditional and never allow us to be fully satisfied because we say ok and now what? When we follow the GPS of our inner Self, we learn to put our ego on the passenger seat, where its role is to warn us when we are misaligned with our True North through negative and conditional emotions allowing us to correct these errors of thinking.

It takes clarity to change. And it takes a big picture.

To change something, it takes a new perception, either of what is to motivate the change or of what we see to want to follow this path.

While the ego veils will not allow us to see one or the other keeping us from leaving an ego-comfort zone, it is by taking the time to answer certain questions that it is possible to open up to the miracles of life to create our reality. A miracle is nothing more than a correction of a false perception and a false belief, which are those coming from our ego. It simply rearranges a perception in the subconscious. It is choosing to stop serving the ego to serve our inner Self. It can be a way of thinking coming from the inner Self or even an exchange of services guided by the Universe. A miracle is actually natural but to the ego which has a misperception of everything, it seems to come out of the blue because it shortens the time between now and tomorrow. All that is magic and illusion comes from the ego while miracles come from the inner Self.

It is above all by taking the time to take the time to make the changes that we will be inspired to make, and not those that we would like to ego-make, that we will change elements of our reality to create a different one that will be more like the new ego-identity that we will take to realize our dreams or follow our life mission.

We are a spiritual Being journeying and experiencing through a physical Being, which is why we often hear that the body is the vehicle for the soul. The body is only the learning device for the mind. So it is in our mental space that corrections and changes must be done.

The ego is our ally, but before it is, we can think that we must eliminate it, which is impossible since the ego is to the physical body as the soul is to the spiritual Being.  Our mental space can only serve one at a time, either the ego or our Inner Self or Higher Self. It is our task to put our ego in the passenger seat to regain control of our mental space by lifting the ego veils one by one. Fear, our negative or positive but conditional emotions, our associations, and judgments all show us these veils. It is up to us to create our reality. As the ego makes, the Inner Self creates.

Harmony with yourself goes through the Zenitude of your mental space. And Zenitude comes through an open mind.

When we have our eyes open, we only see the illusions that are our life in the darkness of the ego, however bright they may be. When we close our eyes, we can see the Light and the reality that is nothing, or nothing other than what we can co-create.

Breathe In life, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see with your Soul, and Love Out.

Different options are available via Zoom

You only have to plan the time of our meeting and not the transport or a babysitter.

Not the same time zone? No worries, we will see the best time that suits us.


  • and add a little bit of fun to know yourself more

Well-being and harmony consultation

Life is simple, it is the ego that complicates it.


  • Do you have a mental space overflow?
  • Do you need to silence the mental overflow with all these sentences that start with I should, I have to, I had to, adding pressure to your daily life?
  • Do you mostly see a negative scenario before a positive possibility?
  • Do you feed negative thoughts or in other words, do you easily add fuel to the fire of your worries?
  • Do you tend to imagine a negative scenario in its smallest details as if you were writing a dramatic novel?
  • Do your negative beliefs about yourself or others sometimes or often take up too much mental space, meaning do you have a quick and easy judgment?
  • Do you have a desire, if not a need, to believe in yourself and your possibilities a little more?
  • Do you feel the need to live in harmony with yourself?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, chances are you do not know how to recognize when your ego is in control of your mental space. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with this.

Sometimes, just understanding what comes from your ego helps to add a little more clarity to your daily life. It is like opening the curtains to better see what's going on.

Did you know that your inner Self is pure positivity? Your ego may be in the way, or a little too much in control, to see it or even believe it.

Together we will see what your own visions, beliefs, and values ​​are, and not those that you continue to believe that do not correspond to who you are, creating dis-ease and negative emotions.

We will see how to recognize and have gratitude for every area of ​​your life because without that awareness, you are just dragging your habits and thought patterns into everything you try to do and create.

We will look at how to connect with your inner Self in the way that is right for you because each person has their preferences. You will be equipped to create your own daily spiritual well-being routine.

We will look at what your fears are to understand them in order to eliminate them at your own pace and not an ego-rhythm.

Changing your reality is not leaving everything behind, but accepting what is and co-creating your reality.

Meeting via Zoom

You only have to plan the time of our meeting and not the transport or a babysitter.

60 minutes meeting  - $105

90 minutes meeting  - $150


You question, you encourage, you guide, you observe. You make the world more beautiful. Thank you.

This definitely represents you as a person. I will be eternally grateful that our paths have crossed ...

Thanks to you, I am gradually evolving towards the best version of myself.


Thank you ++++++++ for this wonderful consultation. As I told you, your words put words to my feelings. Your talk clarified my questions. I'm going to work on my 8 life lessons... especially the 8th lesson :-)


Thanks Nathalie! You are such a great support. I don't even feel the urge to apologize when expressing how I feel ... this idea had a big impact on me to think positively.

You always help me understand myself.
Thanks Nathalie!


 Workshop now available in individual version

Unearth your Life mission

8 individual meetings over 8 weeks

It is not your body that has a soul,
but your soul that has a body.


If you really want to "dig up" up and discover your personal life mission, to know what is the impact that "you" have to make in the community, the world during your life, it is the time. We are not looking for a job but your life mission, your soul's mission.

Transformation guaranteed! 

Like all seeds that already contain the essence of what they will become and know beyond any doubt what they will become, you also know, but your ego may be preventing you from believing it. Let's dig up together what is hidden in you and what is your unique message to you without triggering the control of your ego.

Week 1 and 2: Let's dig up (what is hidden in you, your essence already ready to become...)
Week 3 and 4: Let's find out (what your Authentic Self wants to tell you...)
Week 5 and 6: Let's weed out (what your ego hides and prevents you from becoming...)
Week 7: Let's look at how to commit to your life mission right now.
Week 7: Let's examine the different areas that can serve your life mission.
Week 8: Let's establish a mini-plan to embody the person corresponding to this life mission


Meeting via Zoom 45 to 60 minutes per week. 

8 weeks - $500 (which amounts to $62.50 per meeting)


Brilliant workshop that taught me a lot so far!!! It really lives up to its name because I really feel like I unearthed my mission and it's a great gift you're giving us with this workshop. Looking forward to next week and seriously a bit sad because it will be the last. Thank you Nathalie!


The course Unearth your life mission was very beneficial to me and it still is today. I have developed good tools to get to know myself better and to know which path to follow to embody my life mission. In addition, Nathalie is full of sweetness, she listens and gives very good advice.

Her personal experiences and professional qualifications shine through in her teaching. The course and its participants are extremely caring, which creates a real safe space to share, learn and evolve.

Thank you Nathalie!

- Maya H. 20 years old

Nathalie, during these 8 weeks

I found myself digging up my weeds and discovering pretty flowers that were there but hadn't noticed. With your teaching,

I welcomed and understood that behind every weed hides pretty flowers. Thank you for this beautiful process, well designed and presented. The activities, the questionnaires, the tips and tricks, in short, the whole training allowed me to progress towards my Mission.

Thank you for your generosity, your authenticity, your professionalism and so on.

I really found my Life Mission thanks to you. Now I just have to do it and I'm counting on it.

Sincerely !


Lift up your ego veils

11 individual meetings over 11 weeks

Reprogram your mindset and perceptions

The ego makes us take the path of life in reverse because the ego believes itself capable of creating as the Universal Consciousness does. This leads us to step away from our inner Self since the ego believes itself to be all-powerful. As a result, our basic needs are no longer satisfied or never ego-satisfied, let alone our psychological needs.

It is by following the path of Self Realization that we open ourselves to no longer letting our ego control our mental space to receive the True thoughts that we really need to fulfill all our needs. Every day we have everything we need, either for today or to create our tomorrow with harmony.


  • Week 1 - Evaluation of the present, thoughts, discourse, and patterns coming from the ego. Desired goals - personal and spiritual.
  • Week 2 - The newness of reprogramming the state of mind by reprogramming the subconscious. Recognize what you no longer want to integrate what you want.
  • Week 3 - Stabilizing new learning to make it fun. Course-correction of the desired path.
  • Week 4 - Learn to express this new state of mind with those around you: friends, family, colleagues. Stay authentic with others too, without self-judgments and ego-fears.
  • Week 5 - Follow inspired actions and not those coming from the ego. Recognize the difference.
  • Week 6 - Allow Higher Consciousness to step in to shake things up and correct misperceptions to help enhance and personalize these new changes.
  • Week 7 - Put into practice the learnings and offer this new unique Self to others without conditions and without judgments. Accepting to live, to be, and to serve without ego-expectations.
  • Week 8 - Improve and update your personal spiritual practice in order to communicate easily, without ego conditions, with your inner Self.
  • Week 9 - Use your reacquired renewal wisdom to regain and keep your full power of creativity. Assert yourself to this power without doing it with your ego, but with your inner Self in order to co-create and collaborate wisely.
  • Week 10 - Allow yourself to let go of anything that no longer belongs to this new thought system. Let go of old perceptions to make way for the new reprogramming of this new authentic Self ready for newness.
  • Week 11 - An overview of the personal recent inner work. Q&A for improvements. Open yourself to newness with gratitude. Agree to put everything into practice while making your inner Self your new spiritual coach.



Meeting via Zoom 60 minutes per week. 

11 weeks - $1155 (which amounts to $105 per meeting)

Oracle and Tarot cards

are like messages from old Wisemen either bringing us clarity or bringing us to see beyond an ego veil.

Energy & Life path

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