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“Some say all roads lead to Rome, I say all life paths lead to Metaphysics.”
- Nathalie




A long journey in a few words.


          Nathalie holds many degrees as being an eternal student of metaphysics disciplines, but the one she is most in sync with is the Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.), specializing in metaphysical counselling with the University of Sedona in Arizona.

          Becoming a reverend was part of the bachelor’s degree curriculum of the University of Metaphysics that she was inspired to follow, and the funny thing she would say is that it fits her perfectly well. It took her a few months to own the reverend title while working on her master’s thesis, as to her it has always been associated with an American Christian ish philosophy, something not part of where she grew up. She mainly believes and follow the path of Gratitude above all, believing it is the root of all religions: the road not leading to Rome, but the one leading to Metaphysics.

          Growing up, raised as Catholic since it was the religion practiced where she was born, she continued her spiritual journey following few different branches of Christianism in the US and back to Canada intrigued by the Kabbalah, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism, during her personal spiritual journey, and following up on those many different religious practices to make her own opinion, she came to believe that Jesus was different than the Catholic and Christian picture that was painted from texts interpreted with a purpose that might not have been the exact-same intent as his teachings was; it was deeper and more personal than what it seemed and very much opening to Metaphysics.

          Before completing her dissertation for her doctorate degree, she was inspired to finish writing and publishing her book How to Develop a Gratitude Attitude: Four specific steps to turn a gratitude response into a Gratitude Attitude and sign it as a Rev. Nathalie. There was something important to her about publishing it then, maybe making a statement that spirituality is beyond any specific religion, which also came confirming her doctorate field of expertise. Her master’s degree thesis was “Reaching the summit of consciousness through meditation like Great Masters and prophets did.”, and her doctorate degree dissertation was “Gratitude as a spiritual mind treatment for mental health.”.

          While many get a degree and start working into their new career choice, she has already been enjoying metaphysics for a few decades before earning her Ph.D. Through her parallel career path as a Global Health Therapist while keeping one foot in the business office world, the one link she followed was the energy field one; from her experience as a Naturopath combining to a Massage therapist practice, which inspired her to learn and become a Reiki Master while enjoying mystic fun practices like numerology and card readings, it is once she became a Reiki Master that things started to unfold with a faster speed connecting all the dots, all leading her to the Ph.D. to sign her next projects which was a childhood dream she finally achieved… and the Universe made it happen. She says, “It is as simple as that, even when it seemed complicated at times; it was only complicated because I let my ego interfere in thinking that each one of those careers were the one. I am a writer and a teacher at heart”.

          Her work is to help people help themselves; to help them find their own Inner guidance and to embrace who they are, their Authentic Self; to help them find their own colors within themselves, just like she did. She simplifies metaphysical and spiritual knowledge and make it available through books, online courses, workshops and discussions, so people can stop pretending that spirituality is not important in the Mind, Body & Spirit balance, and be opened to own their spiritual practice maybe without specific religious connotations, if that is what they need to accept it. 


"The color of your life lies within yourself."
- Nathalie






Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.
Metaphysics practitioner
& Holistic therapist




University of Metaphysics, SedonaUniversity of Metaphysics, Sedona


University of Metaphysics

University of Sedona

 International Metaphysical Ministry member