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“Some say all roads lead to Rome, I say all life paths lead to Metaphysics.”
- Dr. Nathalie




A long journey in a few words.


     Dr. Nathalie holds a Doctorate in Philosophy specialized in Metaphysical Counselling from University of Sedona. She first joined the University of Sedona and the University of Metaphysics enrolling into the Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree, from which she became a Metaphysical Practitioner.

     Dr. Nathalie is the expert on developing a Gratitude Attitude and she created a teaching method of four steps to develop a positive mindset through developing a Gratitude Attitude. That method was inspired from her own achievement of an unconditional Gratitude Attitude, as well as being inspired to create a method to teach other to effortlessly overcome all the obstacles she personally encountered over three decades while learning and mastering her Gratitude Attitude. Her Doctorate dissertation “Gratitude as a spiritual mind treatment for mental health.” was the pivot point of bringing this teaching into a book form and an online course form helping her Life Purpose, which is to bring this teaching available to the whole world no matter the religion practiced as Gratitude is a spiritual common denominator to them all.

     Her unconditional Gratitude Attitude would have not been possible without a personal Inner connection through lots of meditation and Inner work over many decades. While she was not teaching meditation per se, Dr. Nathalie did her master’s thesis on meditation: “Reaching the summit of consciousness through meditation like Great Masters and prophets did.” She also self-published a Oneness affirmations book title “Self-realization Food for thoughts; 21 verses of powerful Oneness affirmations co-written with her Self that she was inspired to share.

     Knowing the importance of the Inner work and reprogramming of the subconscious she was already doing, and always being teachable and being an eternal metaphysics student, following her own mindfulness journey Dr. Nathalie enrolled into some of the Soulciété programs allowing her to release more false identity energy to align herself with her Life Purpose of teaching how to develop a Gratitude Attitude at a larger scale.

     While many get a degree and start working into their new career choice, she has already been enjoying metaphysics for a few decades before earning her Ph.D. Through her parallel career path as a Global Health Therapist while keeping one foot in the business office world, the one link she followed was the energy field one; from her working experience as a Naturopath combined to a Massage therapist practice, which inspired her to learn and become a Reiki Master while enjoying mystic fun practices like numerology and card readings, it is once she became a Reiki Master that things started to unfold with a faster speed connecting all the dots.

     In 2021, Dr. Nathalie realized another dream of creating an online well-being center allowing her to have a platform to host some tools she created and still creates to help you Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see form your Soul, and Love Out.



"The color of your life lies within yourself."
- Dr. Nathalie






Dr. Nathalie Turgeon Ph.D.
Metaphysics practitioner
& Holistic therapist / Reiki Master




     I believe there was a great Master in all the major and different religious practices so everyone would have the chance to listen and hear the beautiful divine loving messages to free ourselves from our ego-based patterns and control in order to synchronize our spiritual being and our physical being and Love from the heart of this Divine or Cosmic Higher Power. Whether it was through Lao-Tzu, Buddha, Muhammad or Christ consciousness through Jesus, their teachings were to enlighten and awaken us to Pure Love.

      I believe all spiritual scriptures were inspired from Higher Consciousness to someone who wrote and shared them, and it is our task to understand them from a spiritual mind space and not an ego-based mind space. When we read spiritually inspired texts, we must step away from our intellectual mind space and read them with our heart to see through the analogies and metaphors. Each text might have a spiritual general meaning but each text also have a personal meaning resonating to the reader for its personal physical journey.



What is a Metaphysical Practitioner?


     I am not a psychologist, but I am professionally qualified to help you with your physical and mental equilibrium through spiritual treatment, i.e. balance mind, body and soul with a metaphysical approach.

     Simply explained… the ego is your ally, but before you become aware, it might control of your thoughts and beliefs more than you would like. From awareness to awakening is the journey to help your ego take the passenger seat, and help you understand how your Inner Self continues to help you achieve your dreams, and even to overcome your situations, but the ego, which is in control, prevents you from hearing it or seeing it or feeling it like veils hiding your authentic Self.

     It's up to you once you know the difference between both, to access your Inner power and not use your ego power, to regain control of your thoughts and your choice of beliefs, to know how to feed the positive by taking account the messages of the negative to free yourself from it, and to say thank you to your ego which returns to its role of warning you only when there is a misalignment in yourself, which is when what you think, say or do is not in harmony with your Inner Self. Your body often sounds alarms to tell you. It's a beautiful way for your soul to communicate with you when you don't hear it.

     Through the development of an unconditional gratitude attitude, because yes it can be learned, through listening, questions and tools, I help you see your emotional situations from another angle, your soul perception, so you love your Authentic Self, lifting one ego veil at a time.

     Dr. Nathalie :)







University of Metaphysics

University of Sedona

 International Metaphysical Ministry member