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From The Divine Feminine Oracle deck by Meggan WattersonFrom The Divine Feminine Oracle deck by Meggan Watterson

This card is from The Divine Feminine Oracle deck
by Meggan Watterson



A few years ago, when this card showed up in my personal reading, it came to me as a nudge into a new direction I wanted to experience, and I was not allowing myself to step into it. I wanted to help people be aware of their situation, their emanating energy maybe not so clear to them, so they could understand their present moment to better create their tomorrow… and a great way to do this is with Oracle and Tarot Cards. They are like messages from non-physical Sage. And yes, it is a fun way to easily reach people without doing a full counselling or coaching session.

And the Green Tara card kept coming up with each self-reading over a few weeks period when using that deck from Meggan Watterson, The Divine Feminine Oracle… like an invitation to meditate on it and its message telling me that “My soul informs my every step.”

I read a little more about Green Tara and most of the sources report that she is the Mother of liberation, which was to me a beautiful sign because in a way, it was my intention for doing card readings… helping people to free themselves from ego-based thoughts keeping them away of their own intuition; a liberation from the self to hear the inner Self.

So, I did. I started doing readings online to discover that most of the clients from online sites were/are looking for a quick fix, and quick fix answer without taking any sort of responsibility into their personal life journey. For me, that was not it. Only a few recurrent clients made me see that some were open to take the time to take the time, yes maybe using the cards, and maybe not understanding too much how the cards worked, but it made them think.  So, the second part of the Green Tara card message made sense: “I do what my heart compels me to do.” I let go of those sites and the need of a quick fix answer callers. Many were not, but it was clear to me that it was an experience and not a calling for me to continue.

Oracle and Tarot cards are communication tools with the energy, the non-physical. They translate for you the energy of your psychic atmosphere, whether you are conscious or not of that energy. When you understand how all is energy, it is not a mystery anymore how one card comes out instead of another one. Yes, all can bring a message you can relate to one way or another, but the ones coming out during a reading are directly related to the emanating energy present in your psychic atmosphere and also the intention maybe deeper within, underneath your ego-based desires and thoughts: the questions asked and not asked. A card reading is all about being aware of your present moment and guiding you through it. The outcome will depend on the personal work you will do with the message you hear or receive; the translation of that energy being done for you.

Guess what? You can be your own card reader. :)

So many beautiful decks are available today to help you without much interpretation… allowing you to slowly trust yourself while you are learning to trust your own intuition, that little word or thought popping to your mind when you see a card or in a situation, before you analyze it with your ego mind, that is your intuition showing up.

It is my pleasure today to not only help you with card readings if you want to understand your present moment situation, but to teach you how to be your own card reader.

I created two courses, one with Tarot Cards and one with Oracle Cards to give you the most of each one without making a full day course. I honestly suggest you do both, because although Oracle cards are easier to use, the Tarot Cards can help you understand even more the Oracle cards signs in them and also your personal journey and the cycles in it.

As a Certified Card Readers that learned from the best of the best myself, I am teaching you here what they are, the many decks and how to choose one or many, how to use them, how to read the cards story line: the message and the signs in the image, how to read your own intuition during a card reading, how to clear their energy between readings, few easy spreads you can use for your own personal mindfulness journey, and how your can use more than one deck in the same reading to have a few Sage insight on a question.

After the course, with your own chosen deck, if you want to refine your learning, you can request a one-on-one 30-minutes or a 60-minutes; 30 minutes is good if you have a list of questions you want help with, and 60 minutes is good if you want us to do a reading together, which you will be doing with your chosen deck, and I will help you read the cards or story line without analyzing them too much. Those one-on-one session are for the people that already took the course and are looking to improve their new skills.

I do not do personal readings since I offer metaphysical counselling I which I use or not the cards and other communication tools.

Enjoy the course and have fun with making it fun. Leave you ego-based pressure to do it right at the door. :)


Nathalie :)



Course - Available soon

on my online teaching platform

Course - Available soon

on my online teaching platform